About Wire Word Tools (EN)

API methods for English word inflection and lemmatization plus ability to use them in search queries.

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Release StateBeta
Close to stable, but users are advised to be cautious and test thoroughly.*
Module Version0.0.1
Class NameWireWordTools
Date AddedJuly 10, 2020
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This module's files should be placed in /site/modules/WireWordTools/
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ProcessWire Word Tools module

Currently focused on English language word functions including inflection and lemmatisation. Provides a simple API for using these functions.

Provides the ability to automatically hook into ProcessWire (3.0.162+) to enhance text searches that use any operator with a plus in "+" in it, which are the query expansion operators. For example, a search query for “fishing boat” …

$pages->find('title~|+=fishing boat');

…would automatically expand to include all these words: fishing, fished, fishes, fish, boat, boats, boating.

Please note the results are not always going to be perfect here, but intended to strike a balance between maintainability and accuracy. The goal being to provide potentially helpful word additions for ProcessWire-based search engines needing word variations.

The JSON dictionary files in the ./lemmas/ and ./roots/ directories was converted from PHP files in the Lemmatizer project © 2018 Mark Fullmer.


  1. Copy all module files to: /site/modules/WireWordTools/
  2. In the ProcessWire admin, click to Modules > Refresh
  3. On the Modules > Site tab, click “Install” for this module.

API Methods

// Get instance of module
$tools = $modules->get('WireWordTools');

// Get alternate words for given word
// returns [ 'words', 'worded', 'wording' ]
$words = $tools->getWords('word'); 

// Get plural value of given word
// returns "words"
$plural = $tools->getPlural('word'); 

// Get singular value of given word
// returns "word"
$singular = $tools->getSingular('words');

This module is a work in progress and more methods are likely to be added, word data expanded, etc.