About Email/SMS two-factor authentication

Performs two-factor authentication by sending user an email with a code. Also works with email-to-SMS. Requires ProcessWire 3.0.109+.

Category 1Authentication
Modules dealing with logins, passwords, 2-factor authentication, etc.
Category 2Users and Access
Modules dealing with access in ProcessWire via Users, Roles or Permissions.
Category 3Tfa Modules
Tfa modules extend the core Tfa class and each implements a specific kind of two factor authentication.
Category 4Email/WireMail
Modules that work with email as well as modules that implement ProcessWire’s core WireMail type.
Release StateBeta
Close to stable, but users are advised to be cautious and test thoroughly.*
Module Version0.0.2
Class NameTfaEmail
Date AddedAugust 10, 2018
Last UpdatedJune 22, 2020
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This module's files should be placed in /site/modules/TfaEmail/
How to install or uninstall modules


ProcessWire Two Factor Authentication

Email or SMS delivery module

Requires ProcessWire 3.0.109 or newer.

How to install

  1. Place the files for this module in /site/modules/TfaEmail/
  2. In the admin, go to Modules > Refresh.
  3. Go to Modules > Site > Tfa, and click install for this module.

How to setup two-factor authentication

  1. Edit your user profile in the ProcessWire admin.
  2. Scroll to the bottom and you should see a new field for “Two factor authentication”.
  3. Select the “Email/SMS” option and click Submit (note: it’ll ask for your password first).
  4. After submitting the change, go back to the field to provide additional info.
  5. It’ll ask you to confirm that everything is working by having you enter a code. Once you’ve completed that, you are done.

Once two-factor authentication is enabled, when you login, there will be a second step where it will ask you to enter a code.

How to use SMS delivery

This module sends emails, however most mobile network providers also provide a free email-to-text service that can be very useful with this module. For instance, AT&T emails look like 5551234567@txt.att.net where the number portion represents the mobile phone number. You will want to google “email to text provider” to find out what email address you should use (replacing “provider” with your mobile service provider).