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Removes the height attribute and adds a class to img tags. Set max-width:100% for the class in your CSS and you have fluid images.

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Release StateBeta
Close to stable, but users are advised to be cautious and test thoroughly.*
Authorsdiogo, netcarver
Module Version1.0.0
Class NameTextformatterFluidImages
Date AddedNovember 7, 2017
Last UpdatedNovember 28, 2017
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This module's files should be placed in /site/modules/TextformatterFluidImages/
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A textformatting module for ProcessWire that strips the height attribute from any <img> tag and adds a configurable CSS class. By default, the class image-width-control will be used.

To complete making the image tags fluid, add the following to your stylesheet

.image-width-control {


This is based upon the RemoveHeights textformatter by Diogo Oliveira.