About External Link Redirect

Parses links in textareas and prepends a local redirector URL

Category Text Formatters
Textformatter modules that provide run-time formatting for blocks of text (typically used with Text/Textarea fields).
Release StateStable
Should be safe for use in production environments. *
Module Version0.0.6
Class NameTextformatterExternalRedirect
Date AddedJuly 18, 2019
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This module's files should be placed in /site/modules/TextformatterExternalRedirect/
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ProcessWire TextFormatter for rewriting external links

Allows you to rewrite external links in textarea fields at rendering time, prepending a custom url (implementation of that URL is not subject of this module). Optionally also adds a target='blank' attribute to the links.


ProcessWire 3




  • Download the zip archive of this module and extract it to the site/templates directory of your ProcessWire installation
  • Rename the module folder to TextformatterExternalRedirect
  • Go into the backend and click "Modules" -> "Refresh"
  • Find "External Link Redirect" in the list of new modules and click "Install"
  • Go into the module settings, enter your target link and optionally check the box to open all external links in a new window
  • Configure the textarea fields to use the External Link Redirector textformatter

Config Options

The following options can be configured in the module's configuration settings:

  • Link to prepend (mandatory for module to work)
  • Open in new window (optional): will add target='_blank' to every link
  • CSS class (optional): will append the entered class(es) if a class attribute is already present or add the class attribute if not


This module is released under Mozilla Public Lincense. See LICENSE file for details.