About PayWhirl API

This module is a wrapper that enables you to make requests and implement web hooks with the PayWhirl API from within ProcessWire

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Module Version0.0.1
Class NamePayWhirlAPI
Date AddedJanuary 24, 2018
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This module's files should be placed in /site/modules/PayWhirlAPI/
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ProcessWire module wrapper for PayWhirl API

System requirements

  • PHP 5.6.4 or greater

General information

This module enables you to access a PayWhirl account to send/retrieve data to/from a ProcessWire website.

First steps

  • Visit (https://api.paywhirl.com/) and read the documentation.
  • Log into PayWhirl, go to 'Developers' and create a new API Key and API Secret.
  • Make a note of the App key and the App secret.


  • Download the zip file into your site/modules folder then expand the zip file.
  • Next, login to ProcessWire > go to Modules > click "Refresh". You should see a note that a new module was found. Install the PayWhirlAPI module.
  • Configure the module with your App key and App secret


Read the PayWhirl API documentation!

An example template for logging in from ProcessWire:

<?php namespace ProcessWire;

use PayWhirl;

$payWhirl = $modules->get('PayWhirlAPI')->login();

To get an array of the currently logged-in user's subscriptions:

$data = array('keyword' => $user->email);
$userSubs = $payWhirl->getSubscriptions($payWhirl->getCustomers($data)[0]->id);


At the time of creating this module, API access to PayWhirl is limited to paid PayWhirl accounts! Should you get the message "Invalid Authorization. Your account does not have access to the PayWhirl API." you're probably on the free PayWhirl plan. You'll need to upgrade or ask PayWhirl management.