About Jquery Ion Rangeslider

Enables ion.RangeSlider on configured text inputs.

Category Admin Helpers
Admin helper modules are those that provide helpful tools, UI enhancements or optimizations to the admin panel (excluding Fieldtype or Inputfield modules).
Release StateBeta
Close to stable, but users are advised to be cautious and test thoroughly.*
Module Version0.0.4
Class NameJqueryIonRangeSlider
Compatibility2.7, 3.0
Date AddedMarch 16, 2017
Last UpdatedSeptember 5, 2017
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This module's files should be placed in /site/modules/JqueryIonRangeSlider/
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Jquery Ion Rangeslider for ProcessWire CMS

This is a simple module that allows you to enable the ion.Rangeslider on any text input, and then you type in your params into the textarea field (careful, you can break the page's javascrpt if you are not careful!)

You can also load some presets that have been tested and should all work. For more examples, and options, you can visit Ionden demo site:


How to use

Create a text field, then enable this option on the field itself. Enter your parameters for the slider, or load an example/preset.

  • Note: If you load a preset, the parameters are loaded to the page, but not saved until you save again. Please check the loaded parameters and adjust to your needs, and then save.

Test your slider to make sure that the values are saved and read.

If you encounter any issues, please post an issue.