About Spanish (es-ES) v.2

Spanish (es-ES) language pack for ProcessWire 100% translated.

Category Language Packs
A full language definition for the ProcessWire admin, used by ProcessWire's Language Support modules.
Release StateStable
Should be safe for use in production environments. *
Authorsblad, jacmaes
Module Version2.0.0
Class Namepwspanish
Compatibility2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, 2.6, 2.7
Date AddedSeptember 5, 2014
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The last update was 20 files, this has 114 fully translated.


To install a language pack, you must have the ProcessWire Language Support module installed. This is included with ProcessWire, so all you have to do is click to Modules > Language > Language Support > install. Once you have Language Support installed, you can install this language pack by going to Setup > Languages > Add New Language. Enter a title and name for the language and save. Next, you can install the files for the language pack. If your system supports ZIP uploads, you can simply drag the ZIP file for the language pack into the files field. If your system doesn't support ZIP uploads, then you'll want to unzip the language pack and drag the JSON files (as a group, or individually) into the files field. Save. Now you can test out the new language by editing our profile and selecting the new language.


  • Henry Sanabria

    Henry Sanabria 4 years ago 00

    I downloaded the Spanish language pack, I installed it and upgraded it (corrections, remove abandoned phrases and added untranslated sentences). Now, how do I keep it for use in other projects?

    • blad

      blad 4 years ago 00

      In the folder "site\assets\files\????" you have a folder with json files (with your changes). Make a backup of these json.

      For a new installation of processwire install the Language support module and add these json.

      Does it contain translation errors?

      Si tiene errores , por favor, dímelo y lo corrijo. Gracias.

  • Diego

    Diego 4 years ago 00

    Para cuando una sección en Español en el foro, ayudaría mucho a crecer la popularidad de PW en la comunidad de habla hispana.

    • blad

      blad 4 years ago 40

      Buenas Diego.

      El foro de soporte de Processwire es en Inglés ya que es el idioma internacional, para buscar solo una vez y no según el idioma. Es más fácil aprender inglés o intentar expresar la duda que tienes en un foro (te contestarán aunque cometas errores).

      ¡Atrévete a preguntar! Seguro que obtendrás la respuesta que necesitas.


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