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Send ProcessWire Logs to Logstash/Kibana

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Release StateBeta
Close to stable, but users are advised to be cautious and test thoroughly.*
Module Version1.0.4
Class NameProcessLogstash
Date AddedMarch 21, 2020
Last UpdatedMarch 27, 2020
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This module's files should be placed in /site/modules/ProcessLogstash/
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License: MIT ProcessWire 3

This Module for ProcessWire CMS/CMF will send your ProcessWire Logs to Logstash via HTTP-Input.


  1. Execute the following command in the root directory of your ProcessWire installation:
composer require blue-tomato/process-logstash
  1. ProcessWire will detect the module and list it in the backend's Modules > Site > ProcessLogstash section. Navigate there and install it.

  2. Add you Logstash HTTP-Input Endpoint URL into field on the Module Configuration Page

Override Endpoint or deactivate Logging on Dev/Stage Servers

If you want to override the endpoint URL set by the module configuration you can add to your config.php or config-dev.php following:

  • $config->processLogstash = [ "endpoint" => "http://localhost:9600" ]

If you want to deactivate the logging you can set this also to false:

  • $config->processLogstash = [ "endpoint" => false ]

If you want to add information about your server environment you can add following to the config.php:

  • $config->processLogstash = [ "env" => "stage" ]

This will be added as "env" to your log messages.

Add custom HTTP Header to the Request

Some Logstash cloud providers like logit.io need an API Key in the HTTP Headers. You can add it with this way in the config.php

  • $config->processLogstash = [ "customHttpHeaders" => [ "ApiKey: YOUR-API_KEY" ] ]

Request to Logstash throw a proxy server

If you have your Server behind a proxy, you can add to your config.php file following properties:

  • $config->processLogstash['proxy'] = "http://your-http-proxy-server.xyz:8888";


Please open an issue for support.


Create a branch on your fork, add commits to your fork, and open a pull request from your fork to this repository.

To get better insights and onboard you on module implementation details just open a support issue. We'll get back to you asap.


This module is made by people from Blue Tomato. If you want to read more about our work, follow us on https://dev.to/btdev


Find all information about this module's license in the LICENCE.txt file.