About Force Password Change

Force users to change their password.

Category 1Admin Helpers
Admin helper modules are those that provide helpful tools, UI enhancements or optimizations to the admin panel (excluding Fieldtype or Inputfield modules).
Category 2Authentication
Modules dealing with logins, passwords, 2-factor authentication, etc.
Category 3Users and Access
Modules dealing with access in ProcessWire via Users, Roles or Permissions.
Release StateStable
Should be safe for use in production environments. *
Module Version1.0.3
Class NamePasswordForceChange
Compatibility2.5, 2.6, 2.7, 3.0
Date AddedJuly 21, 2014
Last UpdatedDecember 11, 2018
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This module's files should be placed in /site/modules/PasswordForceChange/
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Processwire module to force users to change their password.

Key Features

  • During install it creates a new checkbox field in the user template, "force_passwd_change".
  • Automatic checking of this checkbox when creating a new user is determined by the "Automatic Force Change" module config setting.
  • When a user logs in for the first time (or if you have manually checked that field for an existing user), they will be warned that they have to change their password and they'll be automatically redirected to their profile page.
  • They must change their password to something new - they are not allowed to re-enter their existing password.
  • Bulk "Set All Users" option to at any time, force all users (by selected roles) to change their password.




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