About processwire-norwegian-language-pack-nb-no

Norweigan (nb-NO) language pack for ProcessWire.

Category Language Packs
A full language definition for the ProcessWire admin, used by ProcessWire's Language Support modules.
Release StateStable
Should be safe for use in production environments. *
Module Version3.0.161
Class NameNorwegian
Date AddedJune 30, 2020
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To install a language pack, you must have the ProcessWire Language Support module installed. This is included with ProcessWire, so all you have to do is click to Modules > Language > Language Support > install. Once you have Language Support installed, you can install this language pack by going to Setup > Languages > Add New Language. Enter a title and name for the language and save. Next, you can install the files for the language pack. If your system supports ZIP uploads, you can simply drag the ZIP file for the language pack into the files field. If your system doesn't support ZIP uploads, then you'll want to unzip the language pack and drag the JSON files (as a group, or individually) into the files field. Save. Now you can test out the new language by editing our profile and selecting the new language.




ProcessWire 3.0.161 dev

Including translation for these modules (both Pro and free)

  • 404 Logger
  • Admin Actions
  • Admin Restrict Branch
  • Autolinks
  • Custom Upload Names
  • Dynamic Roles
  • Fieldset group
  • Form Builder
  • Functional fields
  • Funky Functions
  • Hanna Code
  • Hanna Code Helper
  • Hanna Code Text Formatter
  • Import External Images
  • Import Pages from CSV
  • Jumplinks
  • Link Checker
  • ListerPro
  • Load an RSS feed
  • Map Marker
  • Markup RSS Feed enhanced
  • Page Action: Clear Image Variations
  • Page Action: Delete/Trash Pages
  • Page Action: Set Field Value
  • Page Action: Set Status
  • Page Field Edit Links
  • PageAction: Export to CSV
  • PDF Fieldtype
  • Persistent Login for users.
  • ProCache
  • ProCache Buster
  • ProcessWire API Explorer
  • ProFields: Multiplier
  • ProFields: Table
  • ProFields: Text Blocks
  • ProFields: Textareas
  • ProfilerPro
  • ProMailer
  • Range Slider
  • Repeater Matrix
  • Select Fields
  • Swift Mailer
  • Templates Reference (multiple)
  • TOTP two-factor authentication
  • Upgrades
  • Verified URL
  • Version Control
  • Video embed for YouTube/Vimeo