About Markup CKEditor (for Form Builder)

Inputfield for displaying markup editable via CKEditor. For use with Form Builder module.

Category Admin Helpers
Admin helper modules are those that provide helpful tools, UI enhancements or optimizations to the admin panel (excluding Fieldtype or Inputfield modules).
Release StateStable
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Module Version0.1.3
Class NameInputfieldMarkupCKEditor
Date AddedDecember 13, 2017
Last UpdatedSeptember 16, 2020
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This module's files should be placed in /site/modules/InputfieldMarkupCKEditor/
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Markup CKEditor (for Form Builder)

A module for ProcessWire CMS/CMF. An inputfield for displaying markup editable via CKEditor.

The module is intended for use with the Form Builder module. Allows blocks of static text to be included within a form, which can be edited in the form settings using CKEditor.


Install the Markup CKEditor module.

In the Form Builder module settings, add "MarkupCKEditor" to "Inputfield types to use with FormBuilder".

In your form settings, add a new field of type "Markup CKEditor". Enter the text you want to show in this field using "Markup Text" on the "Details" tab.


In the module config you can set items for the CKEditor toolbar that will apply to all Markup CKEditor fields.

If you want to insert images in your markup field then add "Image" to the toolbar items to enable the standard CKEditor image plugin. The ProcessWire image plugin is not usable because in a FormBuilder form there is no page to store images in.





Released under Mozilla Public License v2. See file LICENSE for details.