About Chosen Select Inputfield

Inputfield for the ProcessWire FieldtypePage. Provides an alternative tagging interface.

Category Input Fields
Inputfield modules that provide a UI input widget in the ProcessWire admin.
Release StateStable
Should be safe for use in production environments. *
Module Version1.2.5
Class NameInputfieldChosenSelect
Compatibility2.5, 2.6, 2.7
Date AddedJanuary 30, 2015
Last UpdatedJune 27, 2019
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This module's files should be placed in /site/modules/InputfieldChosenSelect/
How to install or uninstall modules



"Screenshot showing the interface of InputfieldChosenSelect"

A Inputfield to provide a tagging interface for FieldtypePage.

Chosen Library: http://harvesthq.github.io/chosen/


  • Inline adding of new tabs, which will then generate the corresponding pages.
  • Sortable tags.


  • Install the Module
  • Edit your pagefield and choose InputfieldChosenSelect as inputfield.
  • Use TAB to create new Pages with the currently typed name.
  • Enter will fill in the tab currently selected in the dropdown.


While uninstalling the module does warn you about potential fields still using this module.