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Create Blurhash Strings during image upload

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Module Version2.0.2
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Date AddedJune 9, 2020
Last UpdatedJune 18, 2020
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ImageBlurhash is a module for ProcessWire CMS which automatically generates Blurhash strings for uploaded images.

What is Blurhash?

BlurHash is a compact representation of a placeholder for an image. E.g. used for lazy loading placeholders.

More about Blurhash itself:



  1. Execute the following command in the root directory of your ProcessWire installation:
composer require blue-tomato/image-blurhash
  1. ProcessWire will detect the module and list it in the backend's Modules > Site > ImageBlurhash section. Navigate there and install it.


Activate Blurhash in the field setting of the image: Setup > Fields > image_field > Details > Generate Blurhash Strings



Return's the encoded Blurhash as string or false if not existing

$page->image_field->getBlurhashDataUri(float $width, float $height)


<img src="$page->image_field->getBlurhashDataUri(500, 300)" alt="" data-lazy="$page->image_field->size(500, 300)" />

Returns the decoded Blurhash as base64 PNG datauri for usage in an image. If not existing transparent GIF image will be returned.

Hint: If your image is 500x300 pixels, you can use 50x30 for the Blurhash Data-URI and and scale up the image with CSS. This makes Blurhash decoding faster, the data-uri smaller but the quality is still good.

Migration of existing images

For migration of existing fields there are two CLI script in the module directory



php regenerateImages.php

Generates for all image fields who have the createBlurhash option new Blurhashs.



php generateEmptyImages.php

Generates for all image fields who have the createBlurhash option and have no Blurhash in the database a new Blurhash.


Currently encoding component quality default to 4x3. In the future this value will be configurable over the field settings for each field.


Please open an issue for support.


Create a branch on your fork, add commits to your fork, and open a pull request from your fork to this repository.

To get better insights and onboard you on module implementation details just open a support issue. We'll get back to you asap.


Find all information about this module's license in the LICENCE.txt file.