About Email Obfuscation (EMO)

Email Obfuscation module for email addresses with 64 base crypting.

Category 1Email/WireMail
Modules that work with email as well as modules that implement ProcessWire’s core WireMail type.
Category 2Markup Generation
Markup modules that are called upon to generate or parse markup (like HTML). Markup modules are most often used on the front-end of a site (rather than admin).
Category 3Text Formatters
Textformatter modules that provide run-time formatting for blocks of text (typically used with Text/Textarea fields).
Release StateStable
Should be safe for use in production environments. *
Module Version1.2.5
Class NameEmailObfuscation
Compatibility2.3, 2.4, 2.5, 2.6, 2.7, 3.0
Date AddedMarch 3, 2013
Last UpdatedOctober 21, 2020
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This module's files should be placed in /site/modules/EmailObfuscation/
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ProcessWire Email Obfuscation (EMO)

Email Obfuscation module for email addresses with 64 base crypting

This module finds all plaintext emails and email links from the document and replaces them with noscript elements with configurable replace text. All the addresses are encoded to 64 base strings and stored in noscript data attributes. Then on client side we decode these strings back to their original state.


Install this module using standard install procedure in ProcessWire.


After install you can find some configurable options on module admin page.

Replace text string

Transliterable text string used as a replace to obfuscated email address.

Obfuscation mode

There is three modes available for this module to handle obfuscation.

  1. Obfuscate manually by using $sanitizer->emo($str) method.
  2. Obfuscate automatically at selected templates/pages.
  3. Obfuscate automatically but exclude selected templates/pages (default).

JavaScript loading method

  1. Load file manually.
  2. Load file to $config->scripts array.
  3. Append automatically to page as external script (default).
  4. Append automatically to page as inline script.

Force mailto

By enabling force mailto option all email addresses are rendered as mailto links regardless of their original state.

Fixed encrypt key

When enabled encryption key is locked and does not change. By default encryption key updates on every session. Fixed key is required when you cache obfuscated AJAX output for more than session lifetime.


Appends debug data to HTML and console output.

Selected Templates / Pages

List of selected templates/pages that are used to include or exclude at automatic obfuscation.


This is ProcessWire module fork from MODX Evolution plugin.


MIT License