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An implementation of Steve Gibson's Perfect Paper Passwords (PPP) system.

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PPP is a one-time-pad cryptographic system that allows easy provision of 2-factor authentication for software applications at a very low-cost. Read more about PPP at http://www.grc.com/ppp/design.htm

Portions copyright Orson Jones, Bob Somers, Daniel Hodder

This module can also be used to generate keys and/or streams of tokens using a given output alphabet.


This module's files should be placed in /site/modules/CryptoPPP/
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CryptoPPP Library Module For Processwire

Implements Steve Gibson's PPP One-Time-Pad System along with some additional helpers.


Requires the mcrypt and bcmaths PHP extensions to be installed before the module will install properly.

On debian based systems you can install mcrypt as follows...

# apt-get install php5-mcrypt mcrypt
# php5enmod mcrypt

Generating A Single Key

Simply use $key = CryptoPPP::genKeys(); or $key = CryptoPPP::genKeys(1);

Generating Multiple Keys.

If you want 2 keys you would do $keys = CryptoPPP::genKeys(2); to get them in the $keys array or do list($k1, $k2) = CryptoPPP::genKeys(2); to assign them to named variables.

Now that you have at least one key, you can use it as the basis of generating tokens or token streams.

Converting A Key Into A Token (a strings of characters).

The simplest way to convert a key into a token of a given length and using a given output alphabet is to call the CryptoPPP::keyToToken static method. If no length or alphabet is defined a 12 character token using the defaultalphabet (!#%+23456789:=?@ABCDEFGHJKLMNPRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijkmnopqrstuvwxyz) will be created from the key.

To create tokens with a format such as 'X7gM-jA9v-KtWs' where the length of the 'blocks' and the 'glue' between them arecustomisable you can use the related helper method CryptoPPP::keyToTokenBlocks().

Generating A Token Sequence (a One-Time-Pad) From A Key + Sequence Number.

If your application can associate an incrementing sequence number with a key, then you can use the PPP system togenerate a One-Time-Pad (a stream of tokens.) This is simply done by passing the key, the sequence position, output alphabet and token length to CryptoPPP::getCode(). Once your application finishes using that token from the token stream, simply increment the sequence number ready for the next usage.


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