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Module for ProcessWire 2.5.11+

Category Other Modules
Modules that have a unique purpose not covered by existing categories.
Release StateAlpha
Non-stable. Not yet intended for use in production environments. *
Authorsowzim, martijn-geerts, horst
Module Version0.8.4
Class NameCroppableImage
Compatibility2.6, 2.7
Date AddedOctober 21, 2015
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This module's files should be placed in /site/modules/CroppableImage/
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Module for ProcessWire 2.5.11+

Version 0.8.4 Alpha

How to install

Just add the folder CroppableImage including all of its subfolders and files to your site/modules/ folder. After that go to the modules section in the PW-admin and refresh the list of available modules. You should see three new modules:

  • FieldtypeCroppableImage
  • InputfieldCroppableImage
  • ProcessCroppableImage

Use FieldtypeCroppableImage to install all at once.

After that create a new field and make it use the fieldtype CroppableImage.

With this field you are able to define Cropsettings, but you don't have to. You also can use it like the core Imagefield and just benefit from some enhancements other than the crop-functionality.

If you want to define Cropsettings you can do it for each field in Setup > Fields > YOUR_FIELD_NAME Input tab:

Each crop setting must be on its own line and consist of at least 3 parameters, separated by comma:


Optionally you can limit the crop creation and visibility within your input field on page edit to specific templates, separated by comma as well:




Usage in templates

FieldtypeCroppableImage adds a getCrop-method to Pageimage. getCrop returns the Pageimage instance of the crop you have asked for, ie:

// get the first image instance of crop setting 'portrait'
$image = $page->images->first()->getCrop('portrait');

You can further use every pageimage property like 'url', 'description', 'width' & 'height' with it:

// get the first image instance of crop setting 'portrait'
$image = $page->images->first()->getCrop('portrait');
echo "<img src='{$image->url}' alt='{$image->description}' />";

If you want to manipulate / resize the cropimage further, you should pass a second argument to the getCrop-method. This argument is a PW-Selectorstring. It can contain as many of the known pageimage options like 'quality', 'sharpening', 'cropping', etc, as you need, but none of them is required. But required is at least one setting for 'width' or 'height':

$image = $page->images->first()->getCrop('portrait', "width=200");
$image = $page->images->first()->getCrop('portrait', "width=200, height=200, quality=80");
$image = $page->images->first()->getCrop('portrait', "height=400, sharpening=medium, quality=85");

If you haven't cropped that image yet (via the cropping tool), a default cropping from the center will be executed


Current Version developed by

  • Horst Nogajski (@horst-n)
  • Christian Raunitschka (@owzim)
  • Martijn Geerts (@Da-Fecto)

Original Version

No Warranty

The sofware is provided "as is", use it at your own risk.